Florida Trip - February 2011
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Florida 2011
A night in Milwaukee before our flight -- Josh meets Eva
Sam always loves it when Kelly brings out the boys' old toys
Sam finally warms up to Josh's girlfriend Brittany
Eva's first flight
Sam thinks flying is a breeze
Sam is very excited when he sees Florida in the daylight the next morning.
Sam hangs out with the kids while Sarah learns multiplication tables.
Captain Sam and Unkin Scott
A dolphin!  Right by us, Mommy!
Beaching the boat on an island
A little crabby about being woken up
Sam loves his cousins
Snapper with Peach. Mango, Ginger Salsa
The hot tub is the perfect sized pool for Sam
Sam "fishes" in the big pool
Eva relaxes poolside
A visit from the feathered neighbors
Sam and Sarah cruise in the Jeep
Sam drives the Jeep
Nap time
Florida 2011
Tuckered out